Which bike for 140KG rider


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Looking to get back into cycling to help loose some weight, can anyone recommend a decent bike suitable for someone who weighs 140KG?

I live near the coast so will be riding along on a flat tarmac coastal path.

Have been thinking about a hard tail mountain bike and have a budget in region of £400

Your weight is not a problem in the sense that pretty much any £400 bike could take it.

Your budget gets you just about into proper bike territory - something with a bit of quality about it which ought to be durable.

A mountain bike would be fine, but don't rule out a hybrid.

Easily capable of coastal paths, and the narrower tyres make it easier to pedal.

A visit to your local bike shop is probably the best approach.

Establishing a relationship with them will be of benefit to you as your interest in cycling develops.

Or you could do what a lot of people do, buy a bike from Halfords, use it twice, then chuck into the back of the garage.
I'd add not to go for any low spoke count bike's wheel, although the chances are that at that price bracket, bikes come with non butted poor quality spokes anyway. Something to bear in mind.


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I'm also over 100kg and I bought an adventure road bike with 32 spokes per wheel.

It's still early (I've had the bike for just over a month) but so far it's holding up okay.
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