Which bike to buy in UK?


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You can get trek and giant here too if you liked them why not look for the same sort of bike ?
Decathlon bikes are also very highly rated for bang for your buck

EDIT i see your derbyshire, welcome from a rider in the same "area "


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If you liked, the Giants and Treks, why not go for one of those? :smile:

The entry level Women Specific Giant roadbikes are the (Liv) Avail and the Trek is called Lexa. Depending on how petite, you’re likely looking at an XXS/XS frame size in the Giant or 46-49cm in the Trek. Giant bikes can be bought online for delivery to home. Treks have to be collected in store even if ordered online
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Something light and with low gears given you are petite and in Derbyshire.

Will the bike just be for day rides and pleasure? For instance is touring on a bike something you'd like to do?


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Thanks soo much for this info I',m about 5'6 actually I just meant that I'm thin lol! xx
Ahh you’d need a small Avail and maybe a 51cm Trek but it’ll be important to sit on them at the minimum, preferably have a decent test ride. Find your local Giant and Trek dealers :okay:

Height is more important than waist size when deciding on frame size ^_^


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Thanks soo much for this info I',m about 5'6 actually I just meant that I'm thin lol! xx
I remember bring thin :notworthy:

As people have suggested above try a few test rides on the ones that interest you. My wife winds me up about all my bikes being similar colours and suggests them being red does not make them go faster with me on :bicycle:


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Hi scratch my budget I now have only £500 as my car has just cost me £490 aaahh!!! I think the second hand route now xx
Still lots of decent new bikes available for around the £500 mark. The B’Twin in your pic is a gents bike so don’t limit your choice by only looking at female specific bikes.
Lots of other road bikes available at Decathlon for less than your budget too.
Or why not a nice gravel bike (put slick tyres on if you like), you’ll have to save an extra £100 though!
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