Which brand(s) should I buy cycling clothing from?


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I don't know what it is I should be looking for when buying cycling shorts on the internet and I don't know at what price I could expect decent shorts, if anyone could recommend me some brands that would be good. Also for winter what clothing should I wear for cycling and how many layers?


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Decathlon for a good guide as to prices. You can pay sky rocket prices for shorts, but I'd get something more mid range - don't get the cheapest.

winter, depends on the gear you buy. I have bib tights of varying designs. Two pairs have windproof layers over the thigh, and I use these in freezing conditions. Same with top. Some of mine are windproof soft shell, so I just wear a base layer, and 1 top. I have summer tops, cool weather tops, and flipping freezing tops - but I only ever wear two layers.


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Anything around £50 should be reasonable.
I tend to spend that on shorts reduced from £80-100 (I have different brands, Gore, Pearl Izumi, Sportful, recently treated myself to some reduced Assos)
DHB and decathlon ladies are cut waayyy too small for me :shy:

I use waist shorts though, not bibs which tend to cost a bit more.

Sportpursuit have good deals, you do have to pay for delivery and returns though (returns should free if buy with PayPal). They have good deals on winter clothing right now!

winter, really depends on the temp and conditions. Keeping core, head, hands, feet, ears warm is important for comfort
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Decathlon and Wiggle's DHB and Planet X are both good basic kit. Bib shorts generally better than regular ones as it keeps the pad in place better. Beware cycling kit sizes often come-up a bit smaller than expected.

For winter there are many strategies! Spring/Autumn is the hard part. Some wear plain tights over bib shorts, others leg-warmers or 3/4 shorts. For really cold weather I have Roubaix fleeced winter bib Tights.
Good base layer helps summer or winter. Merino preferred for me but others (I have a cheap Decathlon one) also work.
I like long sleeve non-fleece jerseys for Autumn/Spring and heavier 'fleece-lined jersey' for winter plus a light windproof overshell.

Other useful bits and bobs are arm-warmers and gilets that are good in different circumstances.
Sealskin double-layer waterproof socks are fab for long winter days....


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Depends how much you want to spend and if youre happy with budget brands or you want premium.
As said Decathlon gear is very useable, serviceable and reasonable quality. Like everything else fit and finish is better the more you spend.


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I tend to get most of my shorts and tights from the DHB Classic range. Jerseys are usually classic or aeron range. I have recently discovered the NoPinz ebay clearance shop which is also great value for money.


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I've got some decathlon bib shorts and they seem pretty good for the money. I've also got some rapha core shorts I bought when on sale - very happy with them for longer rides


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Layering is my strategy. I have a few short-sleeve base layers and a few long sleeve base layers (the latter of differing thicknesses, so I can choose one based on conditions) - some are cycling specific, some are walking base layers (but they’re all fairly tight cos I’m fat!).

I mostly have short-sleeve cycling jerseys, which I can layer up with a base layer, plus some arm-warmers if it’s chilly (if it’s cold enough I know I won’t take the arm warmers off, I sometimes wear a long-sleeve base layer underneath). Several gilets to put on top (some packable in a pocket for emergency use, others less so). Last year I bought a Gore C5 shakedry long-sleeve top that I’m v impressed with - thin and breathable enough to wear with just a base layer when it’s warm but wet, yet wind proof so can use it on top of multiple layers when cold and dry.

In terms of brands, I have more Sportful bib shorts than any other brand and am happy with them - some are normal Lycra, some are the “Roubaix” style fleece lined versions for winter, worn with knee-warmers. Endurance are also good. My fav bibs are Assos, which I only have one pair of (bought in a sale, obvs!) - worn very regularly for about 10 years and still comfy and Lycra not becoming thin and see-through. If knee-warmers aren’t enough I tend to put running bottoms on top of the bib shorts (Pearl Izumi, Ron Hill or Nike), but I do have a pair of Castelli Nanoflex long bibs that my wife bought me for Christmas a few years back, along with one of their posh Gabba jackets. They’re v nice but sizing is not great for normal sized people - Gore is better if you’re shaped like me!
I buy Altura or Endura at the lowest prices I can find. Old stock, remainders, ebay offers.

Does the job for me.
Yes - once you have got the basics as a beginner, there is no need at all to pay full price for any cycling gear.
I usually aim for 40 to 50 per cent off.

Any mailers from the usual suppliers announcing NEW/JUST IN/THIS SEASON urging me to UPDATE/REFRESH/UPGRADE my wardrobe (wardrobe FFS!) just get binned.

Altura and Endura are indeed good but of course like all the others they "renew" ranges every season.

Polaris can be good.

Buy stuff out of season.

Keep watching the wondrous "found a bargain" thread.


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Also for winter what clothing should I wear for cycling and how many layers?
How many layers is up to you.

I tend to move away from purely cycling specific stuff in winter and get stuff aimed for hiking as there's better choice. I buy a lot of stuff at Decathlon (base layers etc). My favourite winter cycling jerseys came from Aldi.

Don't forget that if you're wearing layers the advantage is you can add and subtract as you heat up/cool down. You can only do this if you have carrying capacity for the stuff that you are not wearing. So winter luggage is another consideration.
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