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Hi All,
Not posted for a while, but would appreciate some views on replacing a freehub body, Firstly the one i have is completely shot so it`s not just a case of replacing sealed bearings, so the wheelset is kinetic 1 using Gipeimmi hubs, 10/11 speed shimano, i think the freehub body is a novatec 10/11 speed, 3 pawls on a 12mm axle, My question is can i use /order any freehub with 3 pawls that would fit on a 12mm axle, I Contacted Andy at Kinetic one and he suggested an Ambrosio hub, (i thought he would know seeing as he hand built them, but i`m not convinced), so to re-iterate my question,- Can i use any 10/11 freehub that will fit a 12mm axle with 3 pawls, .Appreciate any input.


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Freehub bodies tend to be hub specific ime - so you can't just mix n'match. There are many different ways a freehub body fits
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