Which Garmin can I upload to Strava on iPad.


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I have an old Garmin 305 which is great except to download my activities to Strava I have to dig out my old laptop. Plug the USB in and download. Can any of the new Garmins, 510, 810, 1000 enable downloading straight to my iPad wirelessly? I am not interested in cadence HRM so will plump for a basic unit. If none of them do what I want I may as well just get the 500 or stick with what I have.

I am a technophobe so need something easy! Thanks in advance .


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Yes all the garmins mentioned will Bluetooth to your iPad.


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wirelessly, I believe you have to upload (via bluetooth) to garmin connect, then that gets automatically uploaded to Strava if you have your accounts associated. It's pretty painless, but there's no way to upload directly to Strava.
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