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ian allanson

Probably most asked question but here i go. My parents (in their 60's)are looking to join the cycling and asked what bike to get. They don't want drops or to go off road so hybrid its. I know very little about this so thpught i'd ask. Their budget is between £200-£300. Any recommendations?


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The trek 7.0 certainly worth a look. Do men and women variants. Otherwise halfords usually have the carrera subways. At around 250-300. Or the dawes discveries are decent for that sort of budget.
The TREK FX line is a great line of bikes. I ride a 7300FX and the bike is smooth, quick, light and simply loads of fun to ride. Very comfortable and priced right but the seats are the one weak spot, but hey new seats are somewhat cheap!


As he says above. I have a Trek FX with no suspension. That was a big plus in influencing me to buy it. I also agree with Sheldon Bourgeois about the seat. My first few rides were purgatory. I ditched the Bontrager seat for the Brooks. Much better.
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