Which inner tube ???

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Bigtallfatbloke, 20 Jul 2007.

  1. Bigtallfatbloke

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    Ok I fixed the puncture(well replaced the tube) so now I need to buy a new spare tube. I went here:


    and got confused. :tongue:

    I tried googleing the name of the old tube but got nowhere.

    My tyres are schwalbe marathons

    On the old inner tube I see these numbers:

    on the tube box it says 700 x 35c & 700 x 38c Presta

    ....I know this is a simple thing but it's all new to me..so apologies....I just want to make sure I dont get stuck out on th eroadside in a thunderstorm with a flat and the wrong spare inner tube :?:

    Many thanks :biggrin:
  2. hubgearfreak

    hubgearfreak Über Member

    28x15/8x11/4 & 700x35 or 37
    are old fashioned ways to describe a 622x 35 or 37 tyre.

    a tube marked as any of the above, would fit all the above.

    silly, i know..you can read all about it here
  3. OP

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

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