Which summer gloves?


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The weather's warming up and I've just remembered that, last summer, I lost my summer weight gloves. I was cycling on the Mendips, I stopped on Crook Peak for a drink and put my gloves on a wall. I then foolishly cycled off without them. I returned within ten minutes to find them gone! Some barstweward had had them away within ten minutes! :biggrin: They weren't even really in full view, neither were they exactly new or desirable. :thumbsup:

Anyway, water under the bridge and I now need some new ones.

I want full finger ventilated leather with a velcro fastening and padded palms. What does the panel recommend?


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The Specialized BG gloves are very good if not the cheapest.


Get the newer version with the padding in a "u" shape across the palm. I've been using the older style for a few years and am about to get another pair.

edit: just noticed you said leather, these are not.


Leather is a poor choice for anything which gets sweaty or rained on. It stretches, stitches pull out and it dries stiff. Nor can you machine wash it.

Modern synthetic leather is far better for cycling gloves..

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Debian said:
I've taken on board the comment about the leather as well.
FWIW, I have the Knog Love/Hate mitts - they stretch, so you'll end up with quite a "personal" fit to them.

They look the business, but the padding is minimal, and personally I don't like the closure on them. I only wear them occasionally.
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