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Can anyone recommend cycling tights for a small female adult? 150cm height. Size 6-8.

I am looking for high waisted, non-padded cycle tights. Not sure if I should go for junior tights?

Anyone here of similar proportions who could share before I order randomly?

Got rid of car and am cycling everywhere now (including work) but I am finding ordinary loose trousers are not ideal.

Thank you.
Decathlon running gear should fit the bill. None padded and various cuts from loose through snug to tight and not as pricy as cycling gear.
I use them for my commuting gear just fine.


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I'm a little bigger than you! I'd start with Decathlon - their sizing is a little erratic but XS should prob work for you. I'd look for running tights if you don't want padded - they're tighter than regular trousers.
If you want to go to the other end of the price scale, my missus is marginally shorter than you at around 148cm and she tried loads of cycling tights on and most ended up looking like Nora Batty's stockings so we went to my go-to manufacturer( as i am a shorty and they fit me) Assos, but at around 110 quid for the cheapest pair you might not want to go there, they do look and feel nice.( NB hers are winter Bibs tights originally around the 200 quid mark but I got them new old stock for around 90 from the factory sales site)


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Look at Velovixen for cycling specific women’s wear, range of prices. They’re very helpful if you message for advice.
Otherwise running tights as suggested by others
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