which type of bike should I buy?


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Hi all! my first post here! (well second as I posted in wrong section)

I am very new to cycling and am wanting to buy a bike through the cycle to work scheme using up all or most of the £1000 allowance. Thing is I havent a clue on all the different bikes out there. I have been to two local shops and told them the sort of riding I anticipated and they both gave completely diff types of bikes. Some cynical colleague said they are more likley trying to sell the bikes they have the best dealing swith but I dont know.

basically I would like a ladies bike, used mainly for commuting but also for canal paths, forest trails and cannock chase type of riding. any suggestions as to which type may be best please?


How far are you commuting Mrs B?

Off-road,especially if the tow paths are anything like they are round here, you would be better with a bike with front shocks and wide knobbly tyres like this one


But this type of bike does make for hard work on the road - due to the tyres and shocks.

ian turner

Cannock chase says knobbly tyres too given it's a mixture of loose stones and sand and the like if you take the medium level long trail. Rather depends on how long the commute is as too long may make the requirements too broad.


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Get a full on racing style bike that will not take a rack & mudguards, then it's easier to justify buying another at a later date :angry:

Probably best going for a hybrid style bike to suit your needs rather than a mountain bike, will probably be geared a little more for speed :thumbsdown:
There are many different types of riding, and you may find the cycling you do blends more than one style.Touring bikes are variations on the road bike but include mounts for racks and bags to carry gear for multiple day rides.A hybrid bike is also essentially a mountain bike with larger wheels and narrower tires.I like both of bikes.
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