which Tyres for Giant Rapid ?


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I have just taken delivery of Giant Rapid 3, so far very happy. However bike came with Kenda Kriterium 700x25 Tyres. The spec in the catalogue was Kenda Kwest 700x28 ! I had heard that the kriterium wern't very puncture resistant. What is the difference in tyres, apart from size ? Is it worth changing to original spec ?


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Hi TallBrian,

I have been riding my Giant Rapid 2 on my 5 mile commute everyday for the last 8 months and have had no problems so far with the Kriterium tyre (thats gone and torn it!).
Maybe see how it goes for the first month and if you are suffering from lots of punctures make the change, if not stick with them?
Apart from p'ture resistance there will be a slight performance loss Brian, the larger tyre won't roll as well and there may or may not be an issue with clearance to mudguards or the frame. On the other hand the slightly larger tyre may give a slightly smoother ride. If you've liked the feel of the 25's IMO stick with them. You may consider a different brand Spesh/ conti / Schwalbe etc. if p'tures are a problem.
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