Which way round should my fixie sprocket go?


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(And no, I haven't got the old one off yet but...) The sprocket has one flat side, like a smooth disc, and one with a 2mm ridged section round the hole. Does it matter which side I mount towards the hub, or should I just do whichever makes it easiest to get a straight chainline?


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[quote name='swee'pea99']should I just do whichever makes it easiest to get a straight chainline?[/QUOTE]

yes, obviously after checking that the spoke/chain clearance is sufficient if you mount it inwards:smile:


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I put mine on with the shoulder inwards. But only because it gave a perfect chainline. If the correct chainline had needed the smooth side to the inside, then I would have put it in that way.


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They're designed to go with the shoulder in, evidenced by the labelling (if any) being on the other side. However, technically it makes no difference and as other people have said, put it the "wrong" way round if it fixes your chainline.
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