White pick-up!

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betty swollocks

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A few days ago at temp traffic lights which had just gone red, I filtered up the inside to the front of the stationary queue of traffic and placed myself just in front of a white pick-up, so I could be seen.
When the lights went green I shot off and had cleared the lights on the other side controlling that traffic flow, when the pick-up started tooting at me from behind. I glanced round to see gesticulations from the driver's cab. The next thing I knew, he tried to crush me into the kerb, but overshot because I expecting this and stopped dead. He mounted the kerb just in front of me and I swerved round the rear of the vehicle and went on my merry way.
He then overtakes me again and about thirty yards ahead stops, gets out of the cab and takes a swing at me as I cycle past. I duck, he misses.
I'm already repeating his number plate to myself and stop 100 yards further on to enter it into my mobile. As I'm doing this, a driver of a back transit stops and offers to be a witness - very kind of him and I gladly take him up on the offer. We exchange details and after, I pedal off to the Police Station to report the incident.
The upshot is that The Police are coming round on Friday afternoon to take a statement.
I hope they decide to prosecute, But I'd just like to ask the driver of the pick-up: WHY?
Just another idiot driver, there's plenty of them. I had a guy shouting at me this morning as he overtook me, I wasn't even particulary in primary position AND there were 2 lanes!!! Some people just believe that you shouldn't be there!! In the next life they will hopefully come back as slugs!!


don't even bother asking why. he's probably had a bad day for reasons other than you and was just taking out his general annoyance on you. Just be thankful the van driver is willing to be a witness and thus given the police a reason to think it might be worth going after the twat.


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that's bad luck betty. is this the same station you had to go to a few weeks back?

they should string that bloke up by the bollocks. given that his behaviour could have killed you, and it was premeditated, is a charge of attempted murder not inappropriate?
betty swollocks

betty swollocks

large member
Thanks for the responses and alec, I assume you're referring to the incident I witnessed where a merc nearly killed an infant in a buggy. And yes, it is the same station.


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Shocking that !

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Nasty one betty, hope the Police get the driver and throw the book at him. Also glad you had the presence of mind to stop so that he overshot you in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hope you get a result Betty. Almost the same thing happened to me a couple of years ago except this bloke decided to try to shove me off the bike into the passing queue of traffic. With an 'all up weight' of around 18 stone and traveling at 15 mph he just bounced off and fell back into his car :ohmy:

With luck I might have broken both his wrists as well :ohmy:

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