White saddle wanted


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What kind of white saddle are you after?


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I'm new to this site and I'm not sure how old this post is. There's a time next to the entries but no date on my phone. But I have a white Felt road saddle if it's not too late. I'm sorry if all of this happened over a year ago or something.


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it's for my onbea asphalt road bike. I've just bought it and want to change color theme
Yes, but what type of saddle do you want? Shape? Brand? General type! I have a white saddle that will be surplus to requirements very shortly, but as always with saddles, there is no guarantee that it would be very comfortable for you.
Is your black one comfortable but the wrong colour?

If so post what it is, (pics are always good), and let's see if we can match something similar.

BTW, a white saddle will be pretty black quite soon anyway, especially going into the winter months.
I have a 2 yr old white saddle off a specialised allez elite (google it) pm me if it suits.
I know you've done a bit of a ride today but that's just lazy :tongue:

Here you go Leemc18 it's one of these, a "Body Geometry Rival Road"
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