Whither Abitrary?

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Smutmaster General
Seems to have disappeared from members' list? Or am I going mad? His posts have been amusing me, and occasionally made me laugh out loud.

Smokin Joe

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You're going mad.


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Christ. I was mucking around with my settings and I died for a moment.

It felt like Jimmy Stewart in it's a Wonderful life there for a second, had a miserable day with meetings which meant talking to people, but then I saw what it would be like for a brief second what the world would be like without me


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That was like Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock.

Kirk: Anyone seen Spock?
Bones: Nope.
Sulu: Aye where is he?
Uhuru: Try his mobile
Scotty: OK... <phones Spock's mobile> och aye the noo Spock, whaur are ye?
Spock (on phone): shops.

End of film.
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