Who has the jersey ?


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This was taken a few years ago.I went to York,Tadcaster and Ladybower Res,to meet a few 'Chatters'.Who did you meet ?

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I last saw it being auctioned off on the windows and death ride Dec 13.
@frank9755 who took it?
I have it .... And have been meaning to start it off on the rounds again but it's been low on my to-do list.
It's hanging in my wardrobe and I've been wondering whether it should be washed or left with its natural patina .....


There are most likely enough new faces to get some momentum going again. I was trying to get it off the Doctor at one point but neither of us had the legs at the time to make the trip.

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hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
The Southern one has my moniker on it, also Tdr1nka's.
I'll check it out .....


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I believe I may have the Southern one, I tried to palm it off hand it over at the end of a Dun run one year without any joy. I will take a look tonight
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