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I was cycling to work this afternoon the road is mainly a B road between Falkirk & Stirling.I passed 2 marshalls at the start of the Moss road the marshalls never said a word as I passed them , I continued along for approx 1 mile to be confronted by a race group taking up the full width of the 2 lanes the road is only wide enough for 2 cars no verge just hedge. As the group got closer I moved right to the side of the road, this is a typical B road pot holes, broken edges at the road side basically I had no lee way for any error on my part. Now I have always liked cycling and admired the road racing fraternity but as I teetered on the edge of a near disaster my attitude quickly changed to what the F---K .If the pack had been another 2 racers long they would have been eating my lidl helmet. What I want to find out is should I have been there even if I was off my bike the room was negligable or should they have moved over half a yard. I must admit the initial sight of the race group was quite impressive as they battered along again maybe somebody could enlighten me to the pace that a race group does but when they start to close in and pass you with out any sign of moving or slowing it is not funny.


Tough one, not trying to excuse them but because they are racing they will be commited to doing what they do. I reckon you would be a blip in their peripheral vision and at most a possible obstacle to a winning position in the peloton (in which sudden changes of direction can be problamatic as the guys in the middle can't see).

I think the marshals should have warned you and if you contacted them you should at least deserve an apology for that.

Best safety strategy was proabaly to get off the road!

If they were going at full tilt it would be 20mph+ depending on race category.

BTW I don't race, I just pretend I do on sportives; so perhaps a wiser answer might be found in the racing forum?


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I wouldn't say it was your fault. If the Marshalls don't say anything you can hardly be expected to be aware of the race. Had you been a car, etc, you wouldn't of been able to get out of the way as easily.

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The marshals should have shouted a warning, that's their job. A quick letter to the organising club might be worthwhile. That's pretty idiotic, to be honest.
If anything I would say the marshalls were at fault for not warning you.

It would be extremely difficult for a peleton moving a speed to move over half a yard, without maybe causing a crash.

But certainly not your fault imho


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I would put it down to experience. Live and let live. It's good that there was even a cycle race taking place on the public roads. It was just unfortunate that you found yourself in the situation you did. Next time if you see marshalls or signs by the road indicating there might be a cycling event you will be more prepared and take earlier action to avoid them. Maybe you could sign up offering your services as a marshal in future events?
After thinking about the situation I found myself in , God forbid had anyone been hurt which believe me there was who would have been responsible,


was this an open road subject to the HC?

if a bike was a problem what the hell do they do with a car or bus?
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