Who Was The Oldest Ever In Your Family?

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Been to grandma's funeral today - the last of that generation in our family.

She'd have been 90 this year and was until the end as active and sprightly an eighty something year old as you're ever likely to meet. Lived in her own house, still driving, off on holidays, social events, etc. etc.

She was, by far and away, the oldest ever in our family.

They, who ever 'they' are, say we're all living longer these days - any in your family got to such a grand old age too?


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My Grandma was 96 I think. She wasn't well for the last few months after a stroke, but had a pretty active old age all things considered.

Your gran sounds like the sort of person I hope to be, 3BM, well done to her.


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My great-gran was born 1897 so was always 3 years older than the year. She died in 1991 and was 94. She died at the same time as I found out I was expecting my son, our first child.
My grandma, her daughter is currently 85. I'm hoping that I have inherited their longevity!


Dad's 84 and still downing his fair share around the local boozers - puts me to shame he does!

Having seen some sad cases recently stuffed away in retirement homes your Gran was very lucky.

Did you go with a bit of Johnny Paycheck to see her off?


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That was a good innings 3bikes.

Yep, hope she left lots of good memories.

My gran is getting on for that age now, not as fit as she'd like but very independent and she's still sharp up top. Her dad was ninety six or seven and her sister nearly ninety when they died. Taking after them would be good.


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Mid 80s is fairly typical in my family but my mum's favourite uncle lived to his mid 90s and his sister a couple of years beyond that. Quite a few got to 98 or 99 and a few to the low 100s. One notable example was a postman on the West coast of Scotland and supposedly he died delivering the mail aged about 110 (oh yeah, I really believe that! :wacko:). Apparently he was rowing the mail boat across the local loch and was drowned when it capsized. "Och, he'd still be delivering the mail now if only he'd checked the weather forecast!"


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My great grandmother on my mothers side lived to 104


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Not particularly old to my knowledge, I never met my grandmother and grandfather from the mothers side, bother died around the age of 60. I met my other grandfather until he died when i was aged 7. My grandmother on the other hand lived on till she was 86. I'm so fortunate i managed to spend a good 15 years with her until she developed Alzheimer's.


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My great aunt failed to reach her 100 by less than a month. Both Grandfathers got to around 93, even though one had been in bad health since his 60's.
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