Who's been out this morning?

Gerry Attrick

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I've just been out (in the c*r:blush:) to collect our Christmas grub from the farm, and it was seriously icy (not much gritting done around these parts) and thick fog, and you know what, must have seen a dozen or more hardy lads and lasses out on their bikes. Very impressed at their stout constitutions.


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It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, what are you complaining about??


Yes, Edinburgh is bathed in gorgeous winter sun. A cracking day - sadly I will not be out as my pleurisy is still preventing me from enjoying this weather.
I was planning to cycle to work today, but it was wet last night and the surface water had frozen solid on the local streets, so I thought it would be crazy to cycle in, having read about what happened to goo_mason in commuting. :becool:

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It's turned sunny and mild here for a while at least. I did my cold ride yesterday so I've washed the bike in the sun and the wife's washing the car for it's annual treat.

Memo to self - Don't buy another white car!


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really frosty here this morning, so stayed in and wrapped up the christmas pressies. Went out for a spin around 11 o clock and it was lovely sunshine all the way round. Best day in a long while. Seems round here if you give the sun a chance to melt the ice and frost it turns into a lovely day and the roads aren't too slippy once you're off the estate roads.
icy and foggy when we set off to meet the clubrun. when we left them after an hour or so to head back the sun was shining all the way home.
only one short stretch or road not gritted and that was only because its been blocked off for use as a cyclepath.turned out a very nice day now.
No time to get out today, managed to squeeze in an hour on the turbo between wife's and kids demands :biggrin: That seems to be more acceptable than me disappearing for an hour. I had to interrupt 1/2 way through to speak to the neighbour who'd brought some gifts around. I apologised for my sweaty appearance and she said, no need to apologise and gave me a good eyeing over, smiled and left :becool:

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Crackle said:
I apologised for my sweaty appearance and she said, no need to apologise and gave a good eyeing over, smiled and left :becool:

I read that "gave her a good going over" :biggrin::tongue::laugh:

No wonder she was smiling when she left :biggrin:
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