Why has this trick suddenly started?!

Been noticing it loads recently where there is a bus lane. Because the lane stops about 30 feet from a junction, a driver will pull into that 30 feet, speed off down the road and pull back in when the bus lane starts again. They only gain about 2 or 3 car lengths of distance and usually pull out straight in front of me without indicating...

Seems to even piss off the drivers they pull back in front of normally too, generally get some horns going off.

Selfish tw@ts...
Sorry. I didn't think you minded. I'll stop doing it.


in bradford where they've got a bus lane with its own traffic lights on manchester road, the buses are coming up the bus lane and if they see their lights are on red, they'll simply move out of the bus lane into the main lane. But if the bus lane lights are on green, they'll carry straight on through.
Can see the logic to it, but when abused, it's totally pointless.
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