Why i cycle .


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This is why i cycle ,this is our way back home from Wetherby to Meanwood .

This is the route or you could do the main Wetherby Road .I don't think .

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Coming back from Shackerstone http://homepage.ntlworld.com/candj_simmons/
a few weeks ago I turned onto purley chase lane and started climbing the hill, as I climbed I looked to the right and the woods were carpeted with Bluebells, a beautiful sight I would probably have missed if I had been in a car. I posted the mobile phone picture I took on this thread here.


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I know those roads very well postman:biggrin:.
Getting back via Sicklinghall and Weardley ain't too shabby either.


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Manchester way
thomas said:
This is why I cycle....


:smile::biggrin: mot quite MacD's anymore but spot on, I ride partly to be able to eat and drink whatever takes my fancy without ever having to conpemplate attending the soulless, godawful, drain on the joy of life that is a Gym.

that and cos I love doing it, hate sitting in cars and don't mind the rain.

and if I ever get round to uploading my phone pics I'll put up last weeks shots of Daisy Nook with the river beside me, sun dappled through the leaves, not a soul in sight, a heron and 2 squrrels within 20 feet of me and all sorts of pleasant sounds and smells, or the ones on winter when it was like riding in Narnia with the frost and frozen river and all sorts of fun slipping around safe from going under the wheels of anything on the roads.

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Near Newmarket
I'm rubbish at attatching pics, but below, hopefully, is why I cycle (pics taken from my commute one day last month).
(Edit- blimey it worked)
We all have bad days, but yesterday, everything seemed to come together to make it a great ride in. Lovely tailwind, perfect dry weather, motons behaving themselves and every traffic light was green once I got to Cambridge. Did the whole 10 miles without having to stop once. And I think I did it in record time (around 36 mins)- if only it was always like that!
This is one of the reasons why I cycle:


A permanent fear of ending up looking like the bloke in the above pic!! :wacko::eek:
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