why is one side of the road not enough??!!


Absolutely drives me to boiling point when car drivers encroach on my side of the road, completely oblivious to my right to be there.
Its usually when they misjudge a turn but van drivers seem to find it acceptable to drive straight at me so they can then park blocking the road completely!
Mostly I growl at them while they pretend they can't see me, but today a driver growled at me, and then had the cheek to wind his window down and suggest I move!!!
I was on the car park waiting to right, he was coming from the right and so turning to his left. There was a car on the road in front so I had a foot down waiting about a 3rd of the way out into my lane and this car was getting closer! So I'm watching thinking he is awfully close why didn't he just wait?! When he starts gesturing and muttering so I ask " is your side of the road not bug enough?" Then his window comes down and he says " I wasn't going to say anything but why don't you just move?" "And where would you like me to go, into the mud on the verge?!" But he just muttered so I suggested he learned to drive or bought a smaller car much to the amusement of the chap walking past, who then agreed that one lane really ought to be enough. That is how roads were designed after all.

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Tell you what I find scary.
The amount of times when I'm out riding at the weekend and cars come round blind corners on the wrong side of the road.
It is infuriating isn't it.


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Cos they can drive where they like. Says this having missed being run over by a car driving on the pavement when I went out at lunch. My mistake was to look in a shop window, turn back towards where I was walking and a bloody car 4 wheels on the pavement coming towards me


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Drivers in town tend to be fine, in my experience. It's when I go out for runs in Hertfordshire & Essex that you get boy racers - Fords, mostly - whizzing by at 50, with a foot of clearance, when the other side of the road is empty as far as the eye can see. Clearly done 100% to intimidate. peanuts.


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Today, I came across a 4x4 in the middle of, well actual more on my side, of a country lane, it was ever so carefully driving around some potholes.


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Yeah, sorry, didn't want to get my truck dirty splashing through them
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