Why the snobbery about cycle lanes anyway?

That's hardly a cycle lane that goes where the traffic goes... cycle lanes like this have existed for a long time, and don't usually go anywhere.

Um, I started typing this whilst it was playing...

...I won't spoil it.

At least the council is ticking their boxes whilst not putting cyclists into dangerous positions.
BSRU said:
If you can get up to 88mph that should be no problem.
Had trouble with those Libyans though so that's no good

mark i

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I like it.

On a serious note my issue with shared use lanes like that one is that I do over 20mph on the flat, and pedestrians walk over both sides. Even my wife told me I was being silly when walking on one and insisting that we walk on the ped side! What hope is there (She is normally defensive about cyclists given I cycle commute.)


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This is a very good example of a useful one. Narrow, fast, straight road that can be pretty hairy. Nice clear, well-surfaced, fast shared use pavement.
Doesn't something like that add to the affermation that cyclists should cycle on the pavement?
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