why, you can't possibly be old enough


Errrr.............Why, you can't possibly be old enough!!


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I swim in a lane at the tri club and the eldest apart from me is 33, I can look over to the fast lane and watch my 41 year old son, when your kids are that age there are days when you feel old. I was 18 when he was born, and it was the best thing that could have happened to me at the time.

Sandra6 I thought he was your brother.


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:stop:NO! Sandra, I don't believe it:smile:.
Best Wishes... you don't look a day over.... actually I have no idea...
Anyhow in the meantime... :cheers: :birthday: :hugs: but apologies, I ate the chocolates earlier today.

On the bright side of things you will be a lot younger than when a friend of mine will be when her girl turns 13 at the weekend... she was 48 when she was conceived, and only 2 weeks off her 49th birthday when she was born. Luckily she is one of those women who looks seriously young for her age and is a fit as a fiddle, slim as... and well over 6 foot. Just think how old my friend will be when her daughter turns 21!
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