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More serious cyclist than Bonj
I was waiting at the side of the road on the pavement having a drink in the shade, and a young-ish women in a car let a older women go from a side street. The older women didnt go straight away, and the young women didnt slow down too much. So they both had to slam their brakes on. And in the back of the young womens car was a baby in a baby seat, that looked like it nearly smacked its head on the drivers seat.( it was in the back seat) The hole seat rolled to being nearly verticle. :tongue: I wouldnt have thought the baby seat would have moved that much.
Then i had a royal mail van right up behind me in a que of traffic, i was in primary because i was keeping up with traffic, although it was stop start.
Then i had a car come past me, only to have to brake for traffic, when he could have waited behind me, me past me too close aswell.
Then i came round a left hand bend, i was waiting at some traffic lights, and at that bend i go round the bend and stay in the middle of the road because of the que of traffic on the other side of the road, and parked cars on the same side of the road as me, i am keeping with the traffic aswell, i might be a tad slwoer though. There always seems to be car drivers get past me there when there is no where near enough room, and today i had one try it and nearly smack my back wheel when he started moving over.
Is this sun we're having at the moment too much for some car drivers?
How was everyone elses ride today?


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Leith, Edinburgh
I had a very pleasant one (if a little breezy and chilly on the way home). It meant that there weren't too many people out on the paths, and there was much smiling and courtesy on the roads and the paths too.

It was like being in a parallel universe !


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actually ok tonight, although got squeezed by a Foxton's mini on the Clapham road, and had the usual fun and games in the Tooting madness zone


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Actualy had one of those nice people today. Most of my ridning is on bike paths, but where these cross a road the road user has right of way. But today a road user stopped to let me cross. So I thought the sun was making people nicer.


having some brilliant rides this week, feeling really fit and strong, being able to ride faster and accelerate quicker makes things so much more fun

same old nonsense from the traffic as ever, there's something almost every single day, in dry today expecting to get drenched and the shower that was broken on Wed as I turned it off was sudden;t working this morning when I was expecting to have to wash at the sink

oh and a nice day at Lords yesterday enjoying some sunny weather, get in there!

happy chappy here


More serious cyclist than Bonj
There seems to be more traffic here. The cue for one set of traffic lights seems to get longer everyday.


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Easy today, no problems. A slightly closer than I would've liked overtake by an eight-wheeler on the way in, but nothing scary. Roads were wet, but I slipped out between showers and stayed mostly dry. For some reason there was hardly any traffic today.

The only annoying thing is that one small part of my commute is being traffic-calmed, so what was a nice wide quiet road with little traffic and no on-street parking is now fulla chicanes and islands and speed tables. They haven't opened the cyclist "cut throughs" on the chicanes or got the proper priority signs up yet so there's oncoming traffic to watch for too.
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