Whyte, Trek, Giant, Orange or Cube - Commute/Wood 1k


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Ashford, Kent
Little Info - Hardtrail
Ideally after something that I can use to commute, but also take down the woods nothing to serious, would end up killing myself, but I hope to build up a bit of confidence and maybe get a bit quicker, just something that won't break on my first ride. I'm really leaning towards Whyte.

Budget - 1k~
I will be buying via the Cycle 2 Work Scheme, budget around £1k ish willing to go higher for something that will work right for me, I'm 6.1 and pushing over 19 St, hoping this little push will get me a little fitter and slimmer. So need a semi decent fork, I think I've read Air is best for me?

Not to sure if I want a 29/27.5/26 I guess I'd like a 29er just because I've never had one, but don't think Whyte do them.
just the same I'm not sure if I need a 1x or a 2x? I like the idea of a 1x as it's less to go wrong, but am open.

Here's a kinda list In which I'm thinking so far...

Whyte 605 v2 £750 no Air Fork? this might be the best one to start me off though maybe?
TREK X-CALIBER 8 £850 Air Fork / Single - Doesn't look to bad?
TREK ROSCOE 7 £950 air fork/single gear
Cube Attention SL £900
Giant Talon 1 27.5/29 £799 single speed/air fork - any good?
Orange Zest 26 £1000 Although a new one coming out next month?
Orange Clockwork £1100 29/11/19
Whyte 801 £899 /805 would a 901 be worth the extra £400?

I hope I've added enough information.
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