Wierd bikes

I went out for a walk today and heading the other way was what looked like a folder but with a full front shell, including a windscreen (like what you might see on a moped). I wouldn't fancy carrying the weight myself, what strange bikes have other people seen?


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Graham Obree's infamous bike and him, of course, on a road Time Trial on the Isle of Man - International Cycling Week - weird set up for the road - many shots show the track, but he used it on the road....., but he kicked the whatsit out of the field..... and it's not a flat course for any TT's on that little island !!!!


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Back in 78...:wacko:...no really...

I once saw a guy riding a shopper type bike with a piece of perspex or similay curved into a front fairing :wacko:.
On the back rack he had a car battery and a radio with speakers and a huffing great whip aerial.
Tw@t..... godawful looking hulk of scrap is what it looked like.


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There used to be a guy riding round here with a mountain bike, a big rod on the back with about 10 england flags on.
Another guy has a mountain bike, with what i think are normal handlebars, but then with another big added on to the front of the bars to make them extra wide.
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