Wiggo opens Olympics


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I liked that, first thing i thought was whether it might cheer up some of the anti-olympic hype peoples on here :smile: It did me.


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I hadn't been that bothered about the Olympics leading up to last night, but I watch all 3 hours of the opening ceremony, went to bed a 1, and couldn't wait to get up and put the telly on to see the first events starting. It made me proud to be British, the opening was astounding! Come on Cav ! Come on Team GB, bring it on.
I thought the opening event was marvelous, Danny Boyle did us all proud.
I kept thinking that I lived in a different country cause when I cycle home I certainly don't always see that British spirit in motorists people !!

I thought the NHS bit was excellent, gives Cameron and Osbourne something to think about, when the NHS is our culture so much .....


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Typical Wiggins ,, just sauntered on and off like it was an everyday event ,,
Yes, I liked that!

I saw an interview with Chris Hoy beforehand, and he was talking about not using the flag holster, and boy, did he come good! Those flags must have been pretty heavy, but he was holding it aloft and waving it like it was a tissue!
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