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Hi, I've got max £1500 for a new road bike. I've looked at Cannondale CAAD9 105, GIANT & SPESH. But somebody mentioned Wilier who I'd never really given any thought. Has any one got any comments please? Also, without getting into Shim / Camp debate!! How do the ranges compare. E.G. mirage / veloce to tiagra/ 105 say. The Wilier Mortirolo - mirage comes in at £1499. Thanks, Al


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I *almost* got a Wilier instead of my Trek - I found the particular one I tried a little 'twitchy' - I think the geometry on them definitely makes them more responsive to any slight movement you make. Lovely bikes though.


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£1500 for a bike with mirage seems a bit pricy to me. I'm not an expert on Campagnolo but I'm sure if I make a mistake one of the campag aficionados will correct me! So roughly:

Xenon - 2300
Mirage - Sora
Veloche - Tiagra/105
Centaur - 105
Chorus - Ultegra (but all the campag fans say equal to DA)
Record - Dura Ace
Super Record - Same as record but with titanium nobs on.

For what its worth, Campag have discontinued Xenon and Mirage now and Veloche is their entry level group - they've left the lower end of the market to Shimano which I think is fair enough as so few bikes were specced with it anyway.


Wilier's are beautiful bikes. THey are top quality and everyone I know who has one says they ride beautifully. They are very responsive, if you're after that kind of bike - if you're not used to racing geometry you may find that difficult.

Did I mention they're beautiful.


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I have a Wilier Mortirolo 2010 Veloce and its a wonderful bike. Responsive and very comfortable (i've just done Etape Caledonia on it). I'd happily recommend, but i do think you pay about £100 extra for prestiege Italian name...


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Unfortunately my budget won't go to £1800 for the Veloce option.And yes they do look very nice!!!
OT at my old work at lunch time quite often I'd pop to a local supermarket and there was always a Wilier locked up out front. This was on a busy pedestrian street, so passive security was high but who would lock up such a beautiful bike with a cheap cable lock and leave it.


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go for the mirage and upgrade later. As always, the best quality frame is key, everything else can be upgraded when the cash is available. Can you test ride the mirage version ? To be honest most modern day groupset function very well, its the weight reduction you tend to pay premium for.

Agree, i wouldn't lock it up with cable lock. if i'm honest i won't leave it anywhere other than cafe stop and it needs to be in sight.....


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It does seem bizarre using only a cheap lock. TBH though I doubt te risk is worse than a £500 MTB, I don't think bike thieves are au fait with premium brand racing bikes. Easier to grab a nass market MTB and knock it out for £50 and a quick return.
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