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Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by RyanMcGrath, 8 Apr 2014.

  1. RyanMcGrath

    RyanMcGrath Active Member

    Anyone with a wilier please show me your bike and thoughts on it?
    Im thinking about upgrading to a wilier and would like your feedback
    many thanks
  2. Shaun Robinson

    Shaun Robinson Active Member

    Medway towns
    Hi don't own a willier but 3 of friends do of various ranges all three are carbon bikes look great and from them ride really well too dong think you will be dissappointed with any purchase :smile:
  3. Idoru

    Idoru Well-Known Member

    Rhuddlan, UK
    I have a love / hate relationship with my Alloy Willier (Montegrappa Sora).

    When I've just cleaned it and it's gleaming in the sunlight I love it (even though some of the welds look like they might have been done by a chimp on LSD).
    When I'm fresh out on it and the wether's good I love it.
    After about 20 miles, I hate it - but that's my fault, I bought too big, I start to get some horrible shoulder / hand pain.

    I'd probably buy another, but they tend to come up a bit expensive when compared to other brands in the shops I can get to.
  4. Ruthie

    Ruthie Senior Member

    I had a Wilier Triestina until recently, alloy frame, carbon forks and rear triangle. It was a fabulous bike, it loved to climb, and it was beautiful. Sadly a neck injury meant I couldn't ride the bike any more and I've had to get something more upright than I could achieve with a riser stem on the Wilier.

    I loved that bike. I called her Gina. Her paintjob was a bit shoddy and kept flaking off, but that was a problem with a specific batch of those bikes and it's been sorted now as I understand it. And, yes, the welds were awful to look at. But who looks at someone else's welds, really?
  5. Travs

    Travs Well-Known Member

    No weld problem on a carbon frame. Love my 2nd hand Izoard XP. It seems to be the/one of the runts of the Italian behind the obvious Bianchi's and Pins but its got some lovely curves and I love that its a bit rarer on the roads - not that that makes any difference.

    I can't offer a technical opinion because I'm so new to cycling but suffice to say I bloody love mine! Will try and sort out my gallery of one pic so I can link to it...
  6. Travs

    Travs Well-Known Member

    See if this works...

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  7. paulmac

    paulmac Active Member

    Ive just bought a 2nd hand Escape and i love it, its my 1st road bike so cant compare to others but i love it. Come from a hybrid and i have done up2 30 miles on this and i find it comfortable ro ride with no problems up2 now. 10569021_10152997192973056_436972217543191589_n.jpg
  8. mkmz

    mkmz New Member

    Hehey :hello: bought this rare Wilier Ramata 2 weeks ago and customized it :becool:

    Its not ready yet, i am looking for some vintage parts

    CUSTOM $H!T* : 8.9 kg

    56er EASTON Elite Alu Rahmen : 2.0 kg

    28Zoll Campo "Ultralight"
    23er Continental Ultra 2 Reifen
    2ma8 Shimano Grip shift auf Dura Ace
    52/39 Campagnolo Kurbel
    Point Lenker mit Vintage Vorbau
    3Finger Shimano Avid Bremsgriffe
    Point Bmx Pedale
    Weisse Züge, Bremsklötze, eloxierte Achsen

    some hate it, some like it, i really love it :rolleyes:
    ........ WP_20170121_15_36_11_Pro.jpg the feeling driving it is just fantastic !!!
  9. mkmz

    mkmz New Member


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