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will a 700 x 35c tyre replace a 26 x 1.25 tyre

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by rockrat, 28 Oct 2011.

  1. rockrat

    rockrat New Member

    my daughter is into cyclocross and has got a dawes espoir


    the tyre size is 26x1.25 but they are slicks and we need a better CC tyre. i am struggling to work out what will fit as i cant seem to see a direct replacement tyre

    can anyone help identify a cost effective CC tyre that will fit and also give me a range of sizes i know i can look at

    i.e will a 700 tyre size fit??
  2. No, a 700cc will be too large, the late Sheldon Brown does a great explanation of tyre sizing if you want to look further.
  3. soulful dog

    soulful dog Senior Member

    No 26 and 700 tyres are not interchangeable. The first number in the tyre size (i.e. 26 x 1.25 or 700 x 32) refers to the rim size of the wheel on the bike (the second number is the width of the tyre). Generally speaking mountain bikes have 26" wheels and road bikes (including cyclocross bikes) have 700c tyres, and one won't fit the other.

    See CTC's tyre size table - the only tyres that are interchangable are some 28 and 700 sizes. I found this table a little easier to understand than the Sheldon Brown pages HLaB linked to, though I am to be fair, easily confused!

    A possible replacement tyre for your daughters bike is the Schwalbe CX Pro?
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