Will a normal clincher fit this?


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Im looking to purchase some Dura Ace C24s from wiggle, unless anyone knows of any cheaper.

At the moment the 'Tubeless Clincher' wheel is slightly cheaper on the front as its discounted. A search on google reveals that these are some fancy tubular clincher cross?

Will normal clinchers go on these? And is there any problems having a Tubeless clincher on the front and a normal clincher on the back?





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Looks like a 2 way fit wheel, you can run either regular clinchers or a tubeless tyre like you find on mountain bikes. If its cheaper go for it, they weigh the same as standard clincher version but usually cost more. The extra option won't do any harm to have.


Answer to first question yes, answer to second question no.

I run the scandium version of these dura ace s with pro 3 clinchers. ( Oh and by the way you wont get a better hub and its a steal at that price. )


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Thanks everyone.

Im going to go for them with the extra 10% and do it in 2 differnt orders so i get another £30 in vouchers.

Thanks for the recommendation fossyant merlin were slightly cheaper for the front but they have no stock :-(
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