Wind Noise?


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I get this all the time, but its a lot worse when its wet.


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I've never noticed much additional noise from a helmet. Either way, with ears, the noise of a headwind feels worse than the headwind itself. The wet only adds road noise to the equation in my experience. I don't like wearing earplugs on the road because I rely on my ears too much for a sense of where vehicles are around me.

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Cup your hands around your ears and peddle with no hands lol, i do it on the c2c paths if its that bad. Im sure you can get clip ons for helmets to stop it but youll look daft its just one of those things youve got to live with

Hugh Manatee

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Now that is a new slant to the helmet debate...

Helmets are dangerous because they mean you can't hear traffic!

We also found the less visually obtrusive Strap Wraps model impressively effective at lower speeds, such as those of a typical commute where the ability to hear approaching traffic can be critical.
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