From the point of view of accessories and spares backup, would buying a used Windcheetah be a bad idea now that they no longer seem to be in production and there appears to be no contact with a 'factory'? I'm looking around at various options with a view to buying my first 'bent and I always liked the engineering behind the Windcheetah but am nervous of taking one on if I'll be stuck with a machine that I can't get bits for if I really need them.
Thought please?
Not an owner, but have been aware of the design since it’s introduction. AFAIK, mostly the bits you might want to replace are standard bicycle componentry.

The ‘special’ parts are things like the joint castings, and if you are replacing those, your trike is in a bad way indeed!
Fortunately, it is a well loved If specialist marque, and fellow owners are likely to be helpful.


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Dtek hpvs can probably offer everything you need in the way of windcheetah spares and advice. I think they wanted to buy the marque at one time after Karl went AWOL.

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I have a 22 year old speedy which I bought from new. I still rate it as my best and most enjoyable bike. I have toured all over Europe in it. The speedy is fairly simple and robustly engineered. Gears, etc are all standard. I did have problem recently with chain idler but replaced it with a Terracycle kit. Yes, main castings are very specific but not much to go wrong on them.

The ICE is probably the current trike to buy new, but Wincheetahs come up on ebay and seem to be well cared for.

Would I sell mine? No.
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