Windy out today

The "Muscles from Brussels sprouts" up wind.


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Certainly was - 20mph+ and very gusty. Gave up after 15 miles into the wind and turned round - 24 mph just tapping the pedals :tongue:


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Was intending to cycle to work, but a 26 mile round trip in the dark both ways, with a vicious cross wind didn't appeal for some reason. I've gone soft over Christmas.


I was quite disappointed this morning, I was well up for cycling to work, but I would have taken off sideways if I had. Forecast for Sunday looks promising so I shall keep my fingers crossed. Tomorrow looks very much more of the same unfortunately.


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Got blown sideways abit when i was in a crosswind when there was a big gust.
Good fun going with the wind, 23mph and no pressure on the peddles. Brilliant fun.

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Chuffing weather:angry:

Finally got the chance to go for a spin tonight. As soon as my pal arrived and we set-off up the road it decided to piss-down for the first 15 minute, really horizontal stair-rods, so we switched to a local circular circuit in case things got worst...and the so bad I took to the cycle-path and nearly ground to a halt!
Man...I gotta get fit again, then I might not hate the weather so much:wacko:
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