Winking thumbs-up emoticon?

Shut Up Legs

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Any idea what happened to it, @Shaun ? It looks like you replaced it with the smiling, thumbs-up emoticon. Is there any chance you can bring back the winking thumbs-up one we used to have until just recently? Not sure what text you'd link it to, though.


--- Victor.

P.S. Not whinging, by the way. I really appreciate what you do to these fora, and think you do a fantastic job! :thumbsup:
So if you're too busy to bring back the winking thumbs-up emoticon, I'm not fussed.


✊🏻✊🏾 🌈 😷
More importantly, what's it saying? I hope it's nothing inappropriate as I do use that emoticon rather frequently :thumbsup:
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