Winnats Pass

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I'm getting exhausted just watching it! I think they got the wrong idea, you're meant to film yourself woshing down hills, not dying going up them. :eek:

Fair does though, they didn't wimp out and starting walking.

It's interesting to note that you get the same sort of farkwits when cycling up a 1 in 5 in the middle the Peak District, that you get cycling through the middle of London.


Whoa, that's some serious climbing there - good on 'em, though seemed to be too many cars around for my liking!

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
If Winnats is too busy (most summer weekends), then taking the old Mam Tor road can be a very pleasant alternative. It's not only traffic free, but was built as a less steep variation to Winnats Pass for the stage coaches on the toll road.

You will have hop off on a road bike a couple of times, but apart from that, it's all good tarmac.

The circuit up Mam Tor and Down Winnats is great.


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They went up it better than me. Good video and good effort. There was more traffic than when I did it in March. It's a good road to Edale from the top of there too. ;)
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