Winter boots/shoes



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Most importantly, how do you cope with the old eldridge ?
TBF anyones pereonal experience and preference is pretty irrelevant unless their tolerance to the cold is the same or similar to yours.
I suffer terribly with circulation, chilblains etc in the winter so have tried many combos with limited success.

Ha, that's pretty much me also, tried all kinds of combos with very limited success tbh.

The old Eldridge did well in Whinlatter forest the other week marra

Thanks for all the replies.

Food for thought.


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One thing I found helped a lot was think about the legs as well. If your legs are cold....your feet definitely will be. Keep the legs warm, nice warm blood flow to the feet. It's not the answer, just part of the puzzle.


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I brought Diadora Chili boots, as stated up thread, get larger ones than normal. I usually wear size 9, I think my boots are 10.5, plenty of room for thermal socks. They improved things...but weren't really a cure all.


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Take your old shimano shoes before they get too nacked. Take some Sikaflex or silicone sealant and rub it in to the mesh panels with your fingertip. You now have waterproof winter or foul weather cycling footwear.


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I notice that these boots are for the three point SPD SL cleats, but also have the two slots for the two bolt SPD cleat, anyone know if you can use these with SPD's?
No, three bolt only. Fahrenheit & the replacement Flash model are the road version.


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On the road, I didn't bother - just used BBB Hardware Aquashield overshoes, warm and waterproof as you'll get.

Off road, then overshoes are no good - they will get ripped up. Bought Shimano MW7 winter boots as my summer shoes are shimano. Been very happy with them, and actually use them most of the time, especially when muddy.


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The key thing is to face up to the fact that you won't keep yourself dry indefinitely. Sooner or later water will get in, or fail to get out. When you reconcile yourself with that then you just need to consider staying warm, which is easier to do.
I've been umming and ahing about getting some winter boots for years but have been put off by the (typical) +£100 price-tag.

But I managed to pick-up the other day some (new) Shimano MW5 Dryshields for £55 from you-know-where.

I know nothing will be watertight in all conditions etc, but I'll see how these go.

I was wondering about getting some GripGrab gaiters for when it's %£(^@~ down - anyone us these?
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