Winter Clothing?


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I'd stick to the layering principle? So long as you have an outer layer that is windproof and waterproof/resistant then the only issues you have to deal with is A) warmth and B) wicking - the process of getting the sweat away from the surface of the skin.
So with that in mind get a good wicking base layer (Go into any outdoor shop and there LOADS to choose from! or alternatively Decathlon do fairly decent ones really cheaply - if your not sure what a wicking layer is, message me and I'll send you some links etc) then just layer up with several thin layers rather than one thick (microfleece) layer. It's the same principle as any outdoor activity clothing.
As an example, I wear a long sleeve wicking base layer. Then another short sleeve wicking base layer on top. A 'biking shirt' on top of that (you know the type of thing, with the adverts all over - got it cheap off e-bay, fiver - result!) and then finally on top of that I have my windproof/waterproof jacket. Obviously as about 70% of a body's heat is lost through the head I wear a wooly hat to top off the sexy ensemble! :biggrin: although if you wear a helmet then the skull cap under the helmet (or a 'buff') would be a wise investment.
That's what I've been wearing and I've been out in some COLD weather recently (sub zero adn snow blizzards!!) but the best thing about it is if your a bit cold or too hot one day then the next day you simply add or remove another layer! Plus, none of the kit is 'biking only' so, as I do, you can wear it when out walking or climbing etc :biggrin:


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I wear an Under Armour cold gear long sleeve baselayer. You can get them for about £35 from sports shops. They are the same ones as what footballers seem to wear all the time now. They are fantastic

Then over the top i wear a thin Berghaus wicking thin long sleeve shirt just to stop people seeing the flab poking out from the skin tight under armour baselayer :biggrin:


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Very helpful discussion, Actually I love cycling, Winter is coming and nowadays I am searching for right winter wear. Let see, I thought about waterproof jackets, sweatshirts, etc.


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Try Decathlon. Doesn't need to be cycling specific for commuting and utility riding for example.
Waterproof clothing can be boil in the bag so consider wicking layers underneath especially if you're prone to sweat


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Can recommend the Stolen Goat Orkaan range - when it gets cold you can put a thermal vest on underneath. And their Climb & Conquer range is excellent when it gets really cold & wet


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What you wear is quite subjective as some people run hot and some run cold. I tend to run hot and on the last SLR I went out in a S/L Endura baselayer with a endura windchill II softshell when it was between 5-10'c. While it was chilly ride and one particular attendee regretted not coming out with more layers. I was neither hot nor cold. I maybe I would of gotten the odd chill momentarily but I always warmed back up pretty quickly

A mid layer could be a tech vest/shirt or a thin L/S or S/S summer jersey is then top it off with a soft shell or hardshell jacket.

Alternatively a L/S thermal base layer paired with a thermal jersey and a gilet might also work if its not too windy.

Looking after your hands and feet will also knock a lot of the feeling of cold off.... Its like a psychological affect.

Nobody can really tell you what's best for you. You just need to get out of there and find out with what suggestions are given


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I wear a thin base layer, something like underarmour, regardless of the weather. The usually a short sleeve cycling jersey and an altura nightvision jacket for down to about 5 degrees. Colder than that, I add either a merino wool jumper or some of my diving base layers as they are made to keep you warm, even when wet. I'm waiting for a gilet to arrive that I will wear instead of my jacket, unless raining. I do, however, run warm.


I am missing my Paramo jacket this season, it really is beyond repair and too scruffy. It acts like a winter windproof in the dry but is more than capable of holding off heavy rain, all day long.
When it comes to wet base layers in winter, there have been times when at the top of a big climb, I take off my wet base layer and just use the midlayer. It makes a huge difference on a cold descent.


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I run hot, so in winter I wear a Craft baselayer, Castelli Perfetto jacket and Gore gilet (purely because it's hi-viz and it has a chest pocket so I can get my security pass out easily whilst wearing gloves), with Planet X 3/4 bib tights and their Thicky Merino socks* . If it gets consistently around 0C or less, I'll wear my ProBikeKit Pro winter bib longs (picked up for peanuts in a sale one summer many moons ago) rather than my 3/4's.

For gloves - cheap Lidl full-fingered cycling gloves do me down to around 0C, but any colder and/or wetter and I wear a pair of Sealskin winter gloves I got as a Xmas pressie a few years back.

Regardless of how cold it is, I'll still be sweaty and damp at the end of my commute though!

*If I start getting frozen toes, I wear a pair of thin Lidl cycling socks with a plastic sandwich bag over each one then the merino socks over that.

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Törm and Stolen Goat for me. And I have it tricky. I run hot so sweat is the undoing of me. Merino base layers fix that. Merino under gloves and a buff help. Mid layer is dependant on temperature. Stolen Goat jacket to finish. Headwear can be anything from a cotton cap to a beanie. Gilet comes with me sometimes.

My rides are long (12 hours + in the winter) so I need to be boxing clever.


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If you want to understand soft shell then have a read of

I rarely wear waterproofs on the bike even in the heaviest rain. I'm a soft shell fan and for me, it works great year round. Take a look at the Rab Vapourise range or Polar tech alpha direct garments. Great kit, designed for mountaineering but work great on bike as well, as long as you are not wedded to the three pockets on the back of regular cycling jerseys.

Staying warm is about getting the water away from the skin, and trapping a warm still layer of air there instead. Waterproofs , an outer barrier, aren't always the best way of achieving that when you are working reasonably hard on a bike.


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It really depends on how your body reacts. I wear a few thinner layers with suitable breathable jacket. This makes it easy to remove layers to be a bit cooler if needed.

I use gore base layers as merino does not work well for me.
Stuff made from Merino ( or Cashmere, if you’re posh ) is fantastic. I wear balaclavas under my lid, on the coldest rides.

I’ve got a couple of these, they are very good.
shoe covers, or full winter boots are advisable, and I wear some of these
Under my full winter gloves, in the coldest weather.


These are an absolute god send as well. Shove them inside your gloves, and your hands will stay nice and warm. They are particularly nice, when you stop, as you can warm anything that’s gotten cold back up.
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