Wireless computer with cadence & HRM


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Hi all,

I am looking to buy a wireless computer with cadence, but have read that it will interfere with my separate heart rate monitor.
Sooo... I will get a computer that does it all and sell on my HRM (Sigma Onyx Pro).

What are my options for up to £150 ish ?
I've found a couple of candidates...

Sigma BC1909 - http://www.sigmasport.com/en/produkte/bikecomputer/topline_2009_wireless/bc1909/?punkt=features]Sigma
(The 2209 looks good too, and has altitude functions - although not particularly useful in Bournemouth !)

Cateye V3 - http://www.cateye.co...duct_detail/460

Any other obvious choices ?


ian turner

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I keep eyeing up the Garmins and for a mere £26 over your max there's a reconditioned Garmin 305 with cadence and HRM with added GPS tracking functionality (no maps)
or a new Garmin edge 500 for about the same price which lacks the route recording capabilities of the 305.


Free-wheeling into oblivion...
It's here !

All charged up and screens customised to show the useful info... can't wait to go for a blatt after work tomorrow :biggrin:

Review to follow...
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