Witnessed an accident


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Witnessed an accident this morning on Stockwell Road


What isn't shown in Google Street view is that I believe they have painted a cycle lane up the left hand side.

Heavy traffic going towards Stockwell a car going towards Stockwell had stopped to let another car turn across it into Combermere Road. A cyclist came up the left hand side in the cycle lane besides the stopped car and went straight into the rear offside passenger door.

The cyclist is OK and I managed to flag down an ambulance but I wondered where the blame lay? Is it the fault of the driver for not seeing the cyclist (view impeded by stopped car ) or the cyclist for not stopping when he saw the car in front of him slow down?


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I wonder why the cyclist didn't stop when they saw the stopped car, it only took me a day or two to realise that cars never stop unless they have a reason to. Does the blame (legally) rest with the car though? I'd have thought the bike had right of way and the car should have checked the way was clear.

It pisses me right off when cars stop to let another car out when they don't have to while I'm coming up the inside. Maybe I don't want to stop to let the car out, so their 'generosity' to the other car is inconveniencing me. I know I sound like a right knob, but cars hardly ever stop to let me turn.

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If I'm driving in a slow-moving traffic queue I will often stop to let an approaching vehicle turn right across me - why wouldn't I? Just because I'm in a queue doesn't mean they should have to wait


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I think part of the issue was that the traffic was very slowly moving coming up to the lights about 100 meters up so the cyclist did not realise that the car had stopped to let the other car turn across.


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Yikes, good to hear the rider is ok, guessing his ride isn't!

Not sure what the techicalities are regarding the HC, but if I see a car slow down to stop in front of a junction, I'll slow down and see whats going on before considering undertaking.


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Is undertaking allowed? - I'd have thought that without a marked cycle lane is definitely isn't. So what does this mean for cycle lanes - is it then allowed to undertake and risk collisions such as this one?


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The cyclist maybe should've anticipated the hazard ahead; I use the word "maybe" since I didn't witness the incident first hand.

Possibly the car yielding stopped momentarily before the cyclist reached the "crash site" and the car involved turned without checking out the potential of a hazard i.e possibility that a cyclist may be present but hidden by the car? Alternatively the traffic ahead had clearly slowed/stopped and the cyclist ill-advisedly didn't take into account there may be a reason for it? Two sides of the scenario I guess.

As to overall fault; if for a moment we change the road layout (for the sake of argument), make that cycle lane a filter or additional standard lane and a car rather than a bike involved, the liability ultimately would fall on the turning car in my opinion, the failure to employ sufficient hazard perception skills by all involved not withstanding. Logically therefore, the fact it is a cyclist in a cycle land shouldn't make it any different.

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I got caught on this one a few years ago, Binley road Coventry, by the cricket ground. Tea time Friday in the cycle lane traffic on my right moving about walking pace to a little faster. I saw the gap opening up in the traffic and knew what was coming, but I was to close to it, I tried to brake and turn inside him couldn't do it and went into him sideways. Some of the blame was mine, its slightly down hill there and I had picked up a little more speed than I should have been doing, but I would have thought it is up to the driver to check the cycle lane before turning across it. Damage to the bike was some scuffs and scrapes and I picked up some cuts and bruises, looked like I had gone ten rounds with Lennox Lewis the following morning.


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No doubt the cyclist could have avoided it by being more careful, there are plenty of signs to look out for this thing happening. It may not be right of car drivers to cut across our paths like this, but sometimes it's best to just let it go.


you're allowed to undertake slowmoving or stopped traffic

people turning right and indeed left are supposed to do so safely

most simply can't be bothered to worry about bikes and so either ignore the possibility or do it fast in the assumption there's less chance of hitting one

most think you have to see and stop for them anyway
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