Woman steals back her bike


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On the other hand given the penalties reported in other threads - 8 weeks in prison for example for stealing bikes or 13 weeks for a second offence in as many weeks - if that is how seriously it is taken by the courts - how much police time / cost investigating and prosecuting is realistically justified?
I don't think you are supposed to look at that way. How about a third offence? A year? Well if you dont bother even investigating the first there never will be a third one.


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Thanks for that, I did not know (but it sounds obvious now that I think about it). I read a long time ago if you are unhappy with the food at a restaurant then you can pay for part of the meal (assuming you have eaten only a small part of it) to the value of what you believe it to be. I wonder if you can do the same with a bike/car/whatever service.
You don't have to pay for any of it as long as you don't eat a substantial amount of it ie more than half. For a start of you can send it back and if they are not prepared to replace it then you don't have to pay.


I had my bike stolen 38 years ago, the police wouldn't do anything even though both they and I knew who had it.
That sorry excuse for a human being has never been able to ride a bike since.:boxing::B) :cycle:

In fact he now finds difficult/painful to walk.
I've known a lot of "unfavorable" people in my life and they fit into two categories. First the "badass" that pretends he is tough and brags to his mate down the pub on what he did last night (or maybe 38yrs ago...) The second handles his business but keeps it to himself as he knows if he has a big mouth he will end up getting lifted.
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