Wooden Workbench if you want it

I've been clearing out my shed and am throwing out this workbench which I inherited when I moved in, too big for my needs. I was about to disassemble it and skip but thought I'd see if anyone wanted it first.

It's home built by the looks of things, simply but reasonably well done. Very dirty, so it needs a good clean.

If you want it you'd need to be able to collect from the Wirral ASAP. For a short journey it might go on roofbars as I don' think it's over 50 KG as I dragged it out of the shed myself. Doesn't include the vice which I'm keeping, sorry.

Need to know soon, within the next few days, otherwise, it's off to the skip.



Last of the Summer Winos
What size is it?

I might be interested in the unlikely event I can fit it in the hutch :smile:


I'm tempted, given I'm local, but there's no way that will go in my motor :smile: Looks like there's useful storage space under it too, important in my packed garage!

Hope it goes to a good home.


I think it will be dissassembled at the weekend folks, if no takers.
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