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Sometimes, like tonight, I have had a restless day and not achieved very much. But with the serenity of nighttime, I am getting a second wind and doing some quality research for an essay I am writing at the mo.

I find that working late at night is sometimes a really good way to get academic work done, its horrible if there is an encroaching deadline, but when the deadline is a few weeks off like now, chilling out and worknig at night really does the trick for me.

Being a student is not as easy as working in an office I find - I loved my internship last year, the regulated hours and environment really got me kicking out the work. Vuagely moving from day to day as a stuuuuuuudunt is much harder to get a flow going I find.

Weekends also seem to blend into the weekdays, creating a vague sense of time but without decent regulation. I work every saturday, which gives me a good reference point, but it is still wierd.

Do you have a particular time of day when you like to work?
I think most people on here find that work interrupts their 'flow' on CycleChat jrg.:ohmy:

Not so much nowadays, but I used to work 'out of hours' - it is a good way to get a lot done as the bloody 'phone is quiet for a while! One of the odd things was looking out onto Shaftesbury Avenue at 02.30 in the morning and seeing traffic jams!
Plenty of people in the twilight zone on here too... I love an early start to whatever I am doing - even watching the day lighten.
I'm a morning person work-wise. I don't mind really early starts as it is very peaceful at that time of the day, there are fewer interruptions, and it generally means there's much less to do by the afternoon (mid afternoon is where I hit a motivational trough - bring on the tea and bikkies!). Quite a satisfying feeling to know that you've got some main tasks done before 9.00am - takes the pressure off the rest of the day IME and makes it easier to cope with anything unexpected that crops up.
I use my mornings for work. Thats why I'm not usually in/on here until the PM. Evenings are for me and the lady. :ohmy:

Must get on with some more work...

* Walks out of the left exit <<<<<<<<<<< *
I'm definitely an evening person for academic work too JrG. If I'm writing anything I don't normally get a decent flow going until after lunch, and frequently work until 8 o'clock at night. I can sit at the computer from half 8 in the morning and nothing ever happens until lunchtime!


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I do nine to five in a pretty well paid office job. Decent money and rarely busy, lots of time to post on here, as long as I put the hours in at my desk I don't get any trouble. I can remember praying for a job where I didn't have to do bugger all and got paid well for it and now I've got it. I must be in heaven you probably think?

Nope, I am bored shitless and want more to do. I want to be stretched every day, not sit here posting pointless garbage on an internet forum, I am going slowly mad!!!! :biggrin::angry::biggrin::angry:
When I was an academic (well, alright a student), I used to only really be able to get stuck into essays, projects, whatever, just before the deadline. My M.Sc. project (quite an involved thing about mineral magnetics and their use in palaeoenvironmental analysis) was written, start to finish, in two weeks flat and handed in on the day it was due. I have a completely different sort of work to do nowadays, but I still prefer to work late shifts and have my mornings off.
Part time. It took me two years. The main reason for doing it was to delay my entry into the real world for as long as possible.:biggrin:

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wafflycat said:
being self-employed there's no such thing as working 9-5. Many's the time MrW and/or I have worked through the night

Totally agree, I decided recently, to bring my lunch into work,( I only live 2 minutes away) with a veiw to working through, so giving me time in the afternoon to get out on the bike,or get home before 8.30 to see my daughter before she go's to bed. No chance! result no lunch, very little training, and finishing at 9 o-clock plus most evenings. Still this time next year I might be solvent;)


I work 8 till 5 and like having the evenings and weekends free. But a couple of weeks ago I had an important project on and we worked saturday. I went in at 3.00 am to start it. It was wonderful!

I could concentrate in peace and quiet, there was only me and the dog and I got all the tricky bits done by the time the apprentice came in and started pecking my head at 8.30. I only booked overtime from 8.00 as well :blush:. Well worth it.


I've always worked better in the morning and my best quality work is usually achieved before 3.00 pm. As a student I used to make use of the fact that most others went home at weekends and I would work two days solid as a matter of course, so that I could take it easier and do a bit of socialising when everyone returned during the week.

I once worked through the night on a Saturday to prove a mathematical theorem from first principles even though there was no deadline looming. I have no idea what came over me. Best grade ever on a piece of coursework and it was distributed to the class as a textbook answer (if indeed there was a textbook on it which there wasn't to my knowledge).

It's been all downhill since then.:blush:;)
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