Worn chainrings


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I've replaced the gear cables and stripped and cleaned both front and rear mechs as they were caked with years of muck.

The rear mech seems ok although a little hesitant at times and a bit clunky - probably needs fine tuning so will have another go in the week. Chain and rear sprockets are brand new.

However the front mech does not seem to change so well from small to middle. It just scrapes away without biting, until I press the index shifter just enough not to click onto the 3rd index, it pushes it onto the midring and then stays there quite happily without any scraping noises. I'm fairly sure that the mech is ok as visually it looks like it sits in the right position for mid ring,. Changing down is ok. Teeth look ok, but can't be sure.

I'm wondering if due to the new chain its worth changing the rings also. And cost wise - is it worth going the whole hog and changing the BB aswell while I'm at it? Need to take tool cost into account aswell - like to do my own work.


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As to the 'hesitant' back, and quick and dirty first step is to make sure the cable's well lubed throughout its run, including where it goes round the bb. For the front, this would probably be worth a look for starters, before you start spending money.


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Thanks for the link - the high and low limits are ok, as is the angle - will double check the height but just refitted it to the same place (guided by the muck on the frame :wacko: )

As for the back - brand new cable and outers, using Shimano pre lubed stuff. The mech has probably had it to be honest, cheap Acera one guessing has been there since new - may be worth replacing, but going to go through the setup again.
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