Worst Cycling Injuries


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We have all had falls, scrapes, bangs and the odd crash. But whats the worst injury you have sustained while cycling?

I will start by offering a fractured skull. Got a road bike for Christmas when I was a kid. Friend and I went out on Christmas morning, we were riding down the road side by side, he heard a car coming and pulled across the front of me clipping my front wheel sending me flying over the handlebars landing on my noggin. Rest of Christmas spent in hospital.


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I broke my collar bone three weeks ago. That's my worst cycling accident to date.


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I haven't had anything too serious as an adult - I was knocked off my bike last year and had severe concusion but the last broken bone was when I was six and fell off my friend's Chopper. The bike was too big and when I stopped I couldn't get off so I just fell over and hit the ground. My mum almost broke my other arm and my legs as she hit me so hard for being so stupid - tough love!!!!


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Severe inside leg abrasions at the age of 7 while on my BMX's trick nuts, I slipped and the wheel went inside of my legs almost up to the crotch. Having a bath was murder for a month.

More recently, I've aggravated my old cruiciate ligament injury on a few occasions, it hurts sometimes but I can still cycle on it. Also badly bruised shoulders and knees from falling on ice over the winter.


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No broken bones to report but a painful incident on my brother's Raleigh Chopper years ago when I slipped of the front of the saddle and straight into the stupid T-bar gear lever with my private parts.


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Fractured sternum. From a 'stabbing'-type injury from the flat handlebars of the mountain bike into which, I flung my chest. Nice.

Saying that, it happened in Scotland and I was telling the barman in the hotel I was in. He told me he had trouble 'downstairs' after he'd come off his seat on his mountain bike and had dropped onto the top frame of the bike. After several months, it was diagnosed he had a split urethra and needed a urethroplasty and had to do wee-wee out of his perineum for a while. Excellent!


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Got t-boned by a car going whilst cycling through a junction in 2005 - Fractured cheekbone, right orbit (eye-socket) and skull. Permanent nerve damage to right-hand side of the face, and sinuses. Minor cerebral haemorrhage.


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Fractured and ligament damaged wrist which still hurts 6 weeks later, plus cruciate ligament damage to a knee and extensive road rash as a result of black ice. The sort of crash which as a teenager I would have bounced up from, but as someone the wrong side of 40 things clearly need a lot more time to heal!



I had concussion from a fall from my BMX when I was very young (about 8) and on a different occasion when test riding my sisters bike (after I had fixed it for her) I rode around the block on it without shoes :laugh:, foot slipped off pedal and I went down. Nothing serious though.

And most recently, about 5 years ago when a ped ran out into the road in front of me, a bust lip and a few bruises.

All in all not really that bad, a few grazes, bruises and sore parts, but no broken bones.


In my worst accident I suffered a punctured lung, mutiple broken ribs, snapped av joint in shoulder and blow to the head which knocked me out cold for five minutes.


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well can't top any of the others posted.

but i've got a scar right across my knee cap where i turned in to hard on some gravel and lost the rear wheel. knee took the brunt of it in the gravel and it's all cut up. lovely :laugh:
Mashed testicles on the crossbar of a Raleigh Grifter back in the early '80s (trying to do BMX-style jumps).

Cut chin open on a police station wall when I missed the ramp onto a pavement by 2 feet, hit the kerb and went straight over the handlebars. My one and only episode of drink-cycling...


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Two cracked ribs from 'stabbing'-type injury from the flat handlebars on my hybrid having dived onto them during a clipless moment. Then got back on the bike and rode the remaining 35 miles to St. Andrews...
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