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This weekend I've been thinking to my self that when the Winter is over and I'm back on the the summer bike, I could convert my Winter bike (flat bar Sirrus road bike) to dropped bar. I live in a flat, and I don't have room for another bike :biggrin: plus it'd give me something to work on 'a project' and sentimentally I'm a bit attached to the Sirrus also. How big a task will it be and do people consider it a worthwile project?


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Once you've bought the new shifters, Bars, possible gear and brake cables, you would of been better off just buying a new bike


This is something i did to mine ,many moons ago,i was glad i did,it was the most comfortable bike i ever had,but its long gone now.I mainly used what i already had,and as luck would have it,the drops were perfect in the neck,just lucky i suppose,the only real problem i had was the friction shifters,i had to mount them under the handlebars on the neck,as they wouldnt go anywhere else,but i did it on a budget,but im sure you could do it,at no great cost,then as McCloud said,there would be only one.


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You'll have trouble using V-brakes with drop-bar brake levers - they don't pull enough cable - so you will need to budget for new brakes as well. May well need a new stem.

Dont forget that the drops will effectively put you a good few inches further forward on a frame designed for a more upright position.


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I asked a very similar question about 6 months ago on this forum
and the overwhelming majority said it was not a good idea. For what i spent on the changes i could buy a new bike - so i did (buy a new bike) and i don't regret it.


Good point,but i had a similar space thing,and a few quid gave me what i wanted,And a new bike was a lot more than the conversion,so wasnt really an option,just depends on what you want or need?


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Part of the 'is it worth it' question of course, is whether you want a project, which you suggest you do. If you're actively going to enjoy sourcing the bits (and I've hung around enough bike mechanics and engineers to know that if you try hard enough, you can make anything work), and have a sentimental attachment to the bike, then whether you could buy a new bike for the money is not so relevant. After all, we all know people who lovingly keep an old car running, when they could just as well go out and buy a brand new Eurobox...

As long as you either go into it knowing beforehand all the little niggles you'll need to iron out, or are prepared to let them make themselves known as you go along, then go for it.:wacko:


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I did it to my Marin Mill Valley, I converted mine to On One Midge Bars, the wide ones that flare out, here is the only picture I have:


As you can see it has V Brakes and yet has the levers on the bars in the normal place?? WTF?

They are Dia Compe 287V's and work splendidly with V Brakes. The only problem is that they do not have integrated gear shifters so I went for the excellent Shimano Dura Ace bar end shifters which are pretty much perfect. All in all a very worthwhile project I am really pleased with the results.
Thanks for the comments folks and its nice to see other people have done it too. I know its not particularly financially viable but it could be good project to get my teeth into.:evil:


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Yes, The Dia comps are said to work Ok (I haven't tried them myself) for integrated shifters like Shimano STI or the Italian equivalent you'll need calipers, cantis if they'll fit the bosses ok or mini Vs should work fine.
Took a while, quite a while infact :biggrin: but I popped to a LBS I got some cheap Powerplay drops, a stem, sti's and bar tape. Hopefully I've got enough stuff the bloke in the lbs thought so, just need to fit them now, I think i'll be checking the bike tutor site quite a bit with regards to bar tape fitting.


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Nice one HLaB, I've since converted mine again, to Butterfly bars this time, it's not really that much work although I'll admit that I have only reattached the front brake and rear dérailleur so far! :biggrin: I will get round to the other two eventually though I'm sure!

As for bar tape, there is no substitute for experience I'm afraid, it's just a case of giving it a go and getting slightly better each time you do it.

Don't forget to post some pictures once you've done the work!


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HLaB said:
This weekend I've been thinking to my self that when the Winter is over and I'm back on the the summer bike, I could convert my Winter bike (flat bar Sirrus road bike) to dropped bar.
Somebody on this forum did just that to their Sirrus. They included pictures, too. Maybe do a search on it and get the link...

edit: here's the link.


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if "is it worth it" is a question of pounds shillings and pence, the answer is probably not. if "being worth it" means that you will be doing up and old friend and riding it more often, the answer may well be different.

i bought a steel frameset and did it up at a cost in excess of a reasonable entry level alu bike. i wanted steel, so the fact i paid more than it was worth when i'd finished was neither here or there.
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