wot bike rack?


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i have a Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet (2001).

it's great for some summertime topless fun.

But boy, is it tough to fit a Rockhopper inside it.

I also have a Ford Cortina (1976). This fits two mountain bikes, wheels et al, in the boot alone. Huzzah.

i currently rebuilding the Cortina engine so, no go.

can anyone recommend a bike rack that can fit on the boot lid of the Golf Cabrio. I have a cheap halfrauds rack but this don't fit. i don't want to fit a towbar (for a towbar rack) so lets see if anyone can help :tongue:


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Think this is the right car type, but check!


Evans sell these I believe


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I tried a few different onesfor my hatchback car and they were all rubbish. Got a towball fitted and a towball mounted rack and haven't looked back! It's the way forward for sure.
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