Wotcher see on yer ride

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Ok ok, been done before in various guises, but what do you see regularly in what kind of setting.
My Sunday loop takes me out of P'boro, toward Corby, back via Oundle...all very nice countryside, hardly any traffic. ;)

Red Kite, regular as clockwork
Buzzard occasionally
Grass snake once or twice this last year
Loadsa dead badgers, one or two live ones (too close for comfort:ohmy: ).
Red Deer
Muntjack deer
Lizard twice (probably not the same one tho ;) )
So many different birds, its hard to remember them all

The joys of countryside riding...

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Kirton, Devon.
I do a regular 20-25 mile night loop into, around and home from Oxford....I see a lot of students....that's enough wildlife for me ;) ;):blush::smile:

Ahhhh, the joys of city cycling...


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The boonies
gbb...u sure of the Red deer? Not Fallow? anyhoo ...glad to see you are doing what passes for hills around there. What was the Beer Fest like this year?


Mostly farming country here. Lots of dairy cows and sheep. I think I brighten up the cows' dull days by going past in bright gear. They always look!


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Mainly sheep, falcons, and roadkill mountain hares and badgers.
I'm useless at spotting the smaller birds when viewing the world through the pink mist of exercise.

I see lots of live mountain hares while walking.

The setting is usually the peak district.


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besides wildlife (normally of the flat variety) if i leave 10 mins early for work i go the long way round through Kenilworth, past the old castle ruin. it's really pretty, especially if it's early morning sunshine coming through the "windows" and makes the trip worth while. then on past Warwick castle too. nice ride.


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Often see various boids of prey, also deer (roe), the odd fox and pheasants a-plenty...in fact a pheasant nearly knocked me off the other day....


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Bromley, Kent
I see lots of wildlife on my route, Deer, Foxes, Badgers, Voles, Mice, Phesants, Rabbits, Kamakazi Rabbits, Horses, sheep, cows, Chickens, otters (there is a otter sanctuary right by the road and you can see through the fence)

Apart from that I've seen, abandoned porn, used stockings (Doggers I guess) So many empty beer cans I can ment them down and build a car, or a large handful of bikes, News papers, mainly daily/sunday sport.

other than that, the rest is just great veiws of the kent countryside
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