would you buy one....


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I would assume they have a layer of waterproof varnish or some such ?
Just imagine the bike in a down pour falling apart ........

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And if you got bored with the colour, just get the felt tips out!


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I'd like to know how light it is - the article says "Imagine a bike you can easily carry up to your apartment". I have two of those it's the size that's a nuisance, trying to get round bends on the stairs), and one more that I can carry, but struggle a bit. And I know from work how heavy cardboard can be, especially when compressed and concentrated. I'd be surprised if the wheels for example, weighed less than spoked metal wheels.

I'd combine normal wheels with the exotic frame material - I'm fairly open to unusual frame materials, as long as they do the job, and are repairable (one of the reasons steel is good for tourers - there are welders all over the world!)


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better yet, why not make a bike out of water...

all of which goes to prove that it doesn't matter what a bike is made out of - it has to be a good bike
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